Code Testing

Software quality is tightly controlled using issue tracking, automatic testing or merge requests, and collaborative code review. 

Through MOOSE, Rattlesnake is supported by more than 2000 tests.  All new code must be supported by testing.


The verification of Rattlesnake will be documented in the future. However, this verification relies largely on the tests described above, and is built on the MOOSE verification plan. Rattlesnake has been or is currently being verified against a number of existing benchmarks for both steady state and radiation transport calculations.  These include the following benchmarks: C5G7 [1], LRA BWR kinetics [2], Kobayashi [3], IAEA 3-D PWR [4], KAIST-3A reactor quarter core [5], C5G7-TD Time Dependent Benchmark [6], etc. In addition, as the transport solver within MAMMOTH, Rattlesnake is verified as part of each of the multi-physics solutions used for MAMMOTH validation. Some of the validation problems are BEAVRS [7], OECD 3-D MHTGR-350 Core [8], TREAT Minimum Core [9], etc.


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Rattlesnake is a multigroup transport solver with geometry mesh and the cross sections being the inputs, thus validation of Rattlesnake does not apply.